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Wikipedia: Pinball -
Features history, repair, culture, features, layout, techniques, and facts.

The Internet Pinball Machine Database -
Searchable listing of every full sized arcade pinball machine ever commercially made. Pictures, technical documentation, production counts, links, and historical information for games and companies. Also includes pitch and bat baseball games, cocktail table machines, bingos, and payout machines, with a pinball theme.

Pinball Rulesheets -
Offers rulesheets for many games.

HowStuffWorks: How Pinball Machines Work -
Describes how pinball machines work.

PinballHQ -
Offers repair and restoration information on 1940's to current day games. Information on game modification.

Pinball Hall of Fame -
Explains the history and mission of the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Over 200 vintage pinball machines in perfect playing condition from nearly all eras of pinball production.

The PinGame Journal -
Pinball-only magazine geared towards hobbyists that features articles on new and classic games, industry shows and events.

World Pinball Directory -
A guide to pinball around the world. Includes places to play pinball around the world, info. on upcoming pinball machines, and pinball links/tournament info.

Pinball News -
International news, shows and exhibitions, information, artwork, games, and reviews of game locations.

Pitch and Bat Games and Mechanical Animation Pinball -
Lots of information, pictures and flyers on post-WW2 pitch and bat games, and pinball games with mechanical animation. Collector buys games too.

Russ Jensen's Pinball History Page -
An archive of the home page and the articles written by the well known pinball historian, who passed away on Nov 10, 2007.

Pat Lawlor Design, Inc. -
Pinball game designers and engineers. A tour of the pinball design process.

Ken's Pinball Pages -
Specific game pages, videos, and some free custom instruction and score cards for your own machine.

Pinburgh Pinball Events -
Contains information about Pittsburgh's three-day "premier pinball event."

The Penny Arcade Website -
Pictures and narrative text showing historic pinball machines as well as early penny arcade machines. -
Contains the solid state pinball archive, machine photos, flyers, details, links and ratings.

Pinball Machines Database -
Offers a database of machines including playfield, backglass, and flyer artwork.

Pinball Wizard, The -
List of "Cows and Easter Eggs" found in games. Also has pictures of his collection, places to play in Stockholm, and owners list for Addams Family Gold and Earthshaker.

Pinball Owners database -
A free database of pinball collectors from all over the world. Includes member submitted pictures of their pinball machines and games for trade or sale.

Pinball Owners Association -
Information about the Pinball Owners Association. Articles from their magazine, Pinball Player.

Pinball Expo -
Details of the annual Pinball Expo held in Chicago, IL annually.

Bingo Pinballs -
History, glossary and repair information on these early pinball games.

Coconut Island Homemade Pinball Project -
Homemade pinball system development and construction

AAAR Pinball -
A collector's site. Included in the site are pictures, text and repair information about various pinball machines.

Pinball Underdogs -
Web site for Pinball enthusiasts in and around the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Pinball Arcade Preservation Society -
Join the society or view the errata webmaster has collected.

Pinballers -
Articles about pinball history, and games. Photographs of pinball machines and flyers. -
Pinball basics for beginners, game reviews, technical articles and modifications, and repair information. -
Contains technical information, pictures, sightings of pinball machines in movies, a FAQ, and league information.

House of Pinball at ArkAdiA -
Offers a top 100 games list, screen backgrounds, information on renovation and parts for sale.

Dan Corkill's Pinball Pages -
Information on playing, collecting, restoring, and maintaining pinball machines in the Amherst, Massachusetts area.

Pinball Nirvana -
Many pre-flipper pinball and novelty games to play on your PC for free including bingos, pachinko and slots, bagatelle, payouts, commercial coin-ops, counter top, arcade, and video games.

Pinball Fixers -
Dedicated to providing information regarding Do-It-Yourself pinball machine repairs.

The Coin-Op Cauldron -
Offers repair information and services. Also has technical articles on pinball electronics.

The Pinball World -
Game information, top 100 list, history, definitions and tips on playing the game.

Pete's Pinball Pages -
Pictures of his games. Also a list of the paperwork, manuals, and schematics available for trade.

Pinnovations -
A pinball site with numerous original stories and photos with focus on historical information. Also has books, flyers, ads and parts for sale. -
Map mashup of pinball locations, classifieds, tournaments/events, and services.

Pinball Palace -
Photos, links and stories.

Pinpedia -
A database of pinball auction sales from the USA, UK and Australia. With sales from 1994 and later.

Rec.Games.Pinball FAQ -
In four language styles.

Pinfest -
Pinfest pinball show in Allentown PA.

Introduction to Pinball Repair and Maintenance -
A guide for beginners and new owners of pinball machines.

Home Pinball Repair -
This is an introduction to pinball maintenance and simple repairs for new pinball machine owners.

The Aussie Pinball Arcade -
A forum for enthusiasts and collectors from not only Australia, but from around the world.


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