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Kewlbox -
Several originals for Windows or Macintosh such as 'Santa Balls', 'Sketchy!', and 'Braving the Elements', that can be downloaded, played online, or added to a website.

KDE Games Center -
Linux games and game development for the K Desktop Environment.

Artsoft Entertainment -
Games such as 'Rocks'n'Diamonds', 'MirrorMagic', and 'affenspiel' for DOS or UNIX.

Hardcore Processing -
Developers for Windows and Linux with titles such as 'Leaf Invaders', 'The Unlimited Game', and 'Billy the Kid'.

NStorm -
Several games such as 'Frogapult' and 'Elf Bowling' available for Windows or Macintosh.

Generation Stars -
'Snakey', 'Raklem', 'Yambo', and 'Starship War', for Windows.

Spoonbill Software -
Original card games, logic games, and board games for Windows.

Parallel Realities -
Windows, Linux and Amiga titles such as 'Project: Starfighter', 'Blob Wars', and 'Fighters'.

Satansam Games -
"Yuhkaz", "Madventures of the Love Rockets", "Titan Omega", "Dovestones", and "The New Satan Sam" for Windows.

NZP Puzzles and Games -
A set of puzzles and solitaire for Windows including 'Robot Puzzle', 'Pigs Dice Game', and 'Four Corners'.

Adept Software -
Classic DOS games such as 'Jetpack', 'Squarez Deluxe', and 'God of Thunder'.

SoftDarek -
Original Windows games such as 'Blue Bird', 'Hungry Yogi', and 'Hunt for Stars'.

ADER Software -
Originals for Windows such as 'Glizda', 'Pac-Horror', and ' Kill The Barney'.

Tank Software -
'WillPang', 'Tank Commander', ' The Bleating Game', by William and Peter Denniss for Windows and Java.

Steve's OpenGL Programs -
Several 3D games and screen savers including 'Pong Mania', and 'Bouncing Lights'.

Synthetic Reality -
Originals for Windows such as 'Well of Souls', 'Warpath', and 'Arcadia'.

Karl Scherer -
An improved 'Game of Life' called 'Alive', some word puzzlers, and 'Tumbler' all for Windows.

Errorfree Productions -
Developers of Ultimate Tapan Kaikki and other DOS games.

Studio Blum -
Original Windows games such as 'MemGame', 'Letris', 'Cult', and 'Nuclear Deterrence'.

Bumble -
Several Windows games including a Go version called '5 in a Row Tic-Tac-Toe', and 'Draw Poker'.

sbdev -
Several 3D games such as '3D breakout', 'Direct3D Arcade Racing', and 'DirectDraw Breakout' for Windows.

Spam & Cheese -
'Cave Chaos', 'Alien Decimation', and 'Twoccer World' written with Blitz 3D for Windows.

The Stars Development Company -
Creators of 'The Terror', and 'Metal QB' for Windows.

Mike's Free Ware -
Developer of Windows games with titles such as 'Vegas Video Keno', 'Wheel of Mis-Fortune', and 'Four Card Keno'.

PLBM Games Text-Only -
Text mode games for DOS that are remakes of other popular arcade games. Included are 'Text Missile Command', 'Helico-Copter Strike', 'Logger', 'Sea Dragon', 'Super Stupid Space Invaders' and 'Text Bomber'.

Illisoft PC games -
Developer of games for DOS, Windows, and Java with titles such as 'Zokkelo', 'Tetris', and 'Yatzy'. [English/Finnish]

TechVision -
Several games for Windows such as 'Robotic Fusion', 'Spaze Rokz', 'CoLoRs', and 'Blockblaster'.

Iogopro Software -
Developers of Windows games including 'Frog Racing' and clones of classics such as 'Space Invaders', 'Asteroids', and 'Pacman'.

Game Zone -
"3D Snake", "Chain Reaction", "Magical Spheres", "Kill those Birds", and "TankFight" for Windows. Includes tutorials, discussion forum and news.

DuckDiver -
Original Windows games and screensavers.

SoftDeveloper -
Originals for Windows such as 'Cubes 2.0', 'Kill Osama', and 'Numeric Cubes'.

NephewSoft -
Original Windows games such as 'Tut's Gambit', 'Detention Tic Tac Toe', and 'Politics'.

Spile Games -
Programmed in Visual Basic for Windows as a hobby, titles include 'Mathopoly', 'Silent Galaxy', and 'Stick Figure Fighting'.

Bobtech -
'BobType', 'BobShuffle', and 'BobCave' for Windows.

David Birch -
Author of 'Pinball', and 'Fish Shop' made with Delphi for Windows.

Astral Entertainment -
A dozen original windows games including 'Annihilator', 'Demolition Derby' and 'Fruit Picker'.

Vertex Games -
'Wack-A-Rat' and 'Vertasm' for Windows.

Chris's Game Page -
A few original Windows games such as 'PickPuzz', 'Connect4', and 'Mathgame'.

Arnout Swinnen -
Several originals for Windows such as 'Paratrooper II', 'Tank2', and 'Space Invaders X'.

Cheeseware Home Page -
Macintosh games 'Severed Ed', and 'Nerve'.

Millstone -
'Marble Crazy', 'Bubble Trouble' and other fun programs for Windows.

Gaz's Poor Games -
Collection of homegrown games such as 'Space Wanker', 'Evil Slaughter', and 'SK8'.

Games By Ben -
Free games made for Windows by Ben including 'Golf', 'Fishing', and 'Runner'.

Nicky's Software -
Developer for various exotic platforms: Amiga, Macintosh, Atari, Psion,and HP32. Titles include 'ChaosCastle', 'V-Race', and 'ChaosGalaga'.

WildTangent -
Over a dozen originals for Windows that can be downloaded or played in your web browser with the appropriate plug-in.

Arvid Software Games -
Features game downloads, chat, a quiz and images.

Fun Factory -
Offers skinnable downloads for Windows including a 'Clubmaster Gold', 'MasterMind', and 'Slot Machine'.

AtomicGames 2003 -
Offers two downloads.

Dr. Goo -
Originals for Windows such as 'Dr. Goo', 'Astroship Evader', and 'Super Rebound'.

Frank and Gini's Freewares -
A small selection of original games for Windows.

Fractal Games -
Open Source titles such as 'BlastPong', 'Extreme Nibbles', 'Matrix', 'NMGRFX', 'Plinky', and 'Tic-Tac-Toe' for Windows by Nick Meyer.


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